Veteran highlight – Goat Guns

Veteran Highlight

Nelson Asport, a combat-wounded Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran, served in the Army from 1968 to 1971. His dedication and determination led him to become a Staff Sergeant within two years while his bravery led him to become a Tunnel Rat. He was in the 1st Division Black Lions Battalion.

During a barrage attack in Vietnam, he and his unit were hit, resulting in bullets being lodged into both of his knees. One in which was never taken out due to medical concerns at the time. Miraculously he survived and still has his mobility. When he returned to the states, he served in the National Guard and was in charge of the armory.

After his time as a soldier, he became an outstanding Engineer for 35 years. He currently lives in Florida with his family. Despite being in constant pain most days, he is glad to be alive and to have served the country he loves so dearly.

He instantly fell in love with GoatGuns mini gun replicas at an Orlando Gun Show where his daughter had surprised him and bought him an AK47. The weight, attention to detail, and accuracy of how the models are set up captivated him. He loves to collect them because they serve as beautiful mementos for those who actually carried the real counterparts into combat or have had first-hand experience with them. He had a fantastic time setting them up and he even built a shelf just for them to be displayed! 

Thank you for your service Nelson and all others past and present. 

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