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This olde Goat is here to help you select the Greatest of All Time Gift. I'm not one to get teary eyed... but I can't help it knowing you're about to be the most loved person in someones life.

If your gift receiver doesn't think this is the best gift ever, you have my permission to kick them out of the Barracks and keep it for yourself.

See my guide below!

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Military Personnel Gift Guide

Precision. Long range. Camouflage. We have miniaturized everything your avid Hunter or target shooter will admire. They will love the authentic die cast metal used on models along with the accurate details. 

Below are my hoof picked items that will be loved by outdoor Sportsmen personnel. 


Our miniature gun models turn men into little kids again. The intrinsic quality and features of each model impress any specimen alive. Sarge stands by his products with a lifetime guaranty.

  • Unique gifts will make you the G.O.A.T Giver
  • 100% Buy Back Guarantee 
  • We license with Brand names 
  • You like to have a little fun

Watch video to see how models work

Customer Reviews

"Very impressed. Got this for my Father for fathers day gift. He loved it and plays with the action a lot. The quality is very pristine and I would recommend this as a gift to any dad out there."   - Hope J. 

"Igot my brother the gold AK as a gift and after seeing how cool it was I had to get one for myself. I went with the 1911 because it looked more practical on my desk. But boy was I surprised when it arrived because it far exceeded my expectations. You can toss those instructions because this goat assembles just like the real thing. I find myself just cockin' n rockin' it on those long conference calls. As for my brother, he ended up liking the 1911 better than the AK he picked out so he went out and got one too."   - Jordan 

"This Company is very easy to work with, they go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and they have super fast shipping!!
I recently purchased the AR15, AK47, and the 1911 for my husband as a Father’s Day gift. Cant wait for him to open his gifts. Thank you Goat Guns!"  - Jessica M. 

"Husband LOVED this! I got this as a 30th birthday gift for my husband who is retired Navy and also impossible to find gifts for at every occasion. He absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to recreate the mini-version of something he wore daily while on-duty. Looking like this will become an annual birthday gift here on out!" - Stephanie Bramich

"Gift for boss. The M16 was purchased for my boss. Being Military, I got the closest one to his Military issued. He loves it, keeps it on his desk, and I have seen many workers say how cool it was. Best gift ever!"  - Charles Zerbe

"Perfect office decoration. I'm beyond happy with my GoatGuns and with their customer service. After my 1911 arrived broken, a replacement was promptly shipped out....and this was during the holiday rush too. I display them proudly at my desk and I even completely disassembled the 'old' 1911 for an exploded view! I ordered an AR for my son as they make awesome gifts. I'm sure I will be adding to my collection soon! Thank you Sarge for your follow-up and excellent customer service and support!!"  - Randy Baker

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