How to Make a Custom GoatGuns

Sarge here. At ease.

My favorite thing to see are fans that go all out on my miniature models. Modifications include:

  • Cerakote/Duracoat
  • Hand paint & spray paint
  • Military wraps
  • Tape & dye pens

With over 20 attachments to choose from, anyone can make an attempt to get their dream model built at a fraction of the cost. Then, if you love your miniature creation, do it to the real deal and you'll have a Father and Son duo! 

Here are some fan made creations to inspire you to step up your GoatGun game. Want to be featured? Use #goatguns!

Video tutorial for Spray Painting:

Fan Gallery:

@CerakoteChic went all out with our mini Holo and Sopmod stocks. Sarges favorite of the 4? Gold and Navy.

These three gems were Durakoted by @Guninkdesigns. He is available for hire (DM on Instagram) to do custom Goatguns. They turned out immaculate, doing tape and layers of coatings, best that we've seen. 

Matching Banana's by @BigDaddyv78

Marshal Rutter had fun painting a traditional camouflage pattern on 'charky'. Credits to him also for the top meme photo of this page. 

Chad Pena with amazing crafstmanship and some of the G.O.A.T (our opinion) custom made models to date.  Yes, it took welding to accomplish some of these. 

David Fellingham with the custom stock, short buffer tube, shortened barrel (even more than the one we offer) and great camo paint job!

David Kupfer with the offset Red accessories on White that we may have to copy ourselves one day... 

Chad Pena making a better version of 'M4R1CA then even we can!  Awesome paint job and stenciling of 'We The People'.  Also, look closely for the stars, we give it 5 star review!

OnPoint with this amazing paint job, looking like a rattle snake waiting to strike! 

Thomas Tagalini really went all out on this one. Modified our sling, added padding to several spots along with a great camo grass paint job. 

Buddy Sniper applying a coat of a paint and then brushing it off giving it a rustic look. Used light sand paper after painting. 

@igottarun74 making a perfect Military tribute. "Frogman" done by spray painting two color variations.  

Robert Soliman really made us feel proud with this tribute to a comrade. Truly an honor and looks better than our own mini 'M4R1CA model!

@Eagle6205 turning the Mini M16 into a Zombie Apocalypse! Solid bright green first coating followed by red splatter. 

Pink and Light grey camo put on 'Betty' to make it officially Hers. Fan cred unknown. 

Using a traditional metal adhesive spray paint, this bright green/black combo is a must try. Also the fine touches on the mini 4x scope are unique. 

Austin Drum FDE'ing his miniature out. This can now be easily and quickly done with either of our FDE attachment packs

metal brushwork on a goatgun

A little metal brushwork can do some wonders. 

Daniel Shimar keeping it simple yet very effective with some army green wraps.

One of our favorites done to the miniature Barrett .50 cal. Spray paint tan with some rustic etching followed by a custom stock wrap. 

Michael Noonan with a combo set of some of the first customized Goatguns in 2018. Rustic that matches a penny is still G.O.A.T

Vera Cuapoano with a full miniature loadout. Rocking the short barrel and some custom dark green along with a interesting camo with tape wraps. 

Another creation from Vera, the White & Gold AK boldly demands respect. 

spray painted mini .50 cal

Very impressive coating done to 'Almighty'. We tried to get more info on how this was done but have not been able too. 

spray painted miniature AWM

Simple spray paint job done to the SR series. Also one of the first customization's done by Jog31 in 2018.

Walt Withroths with this impressive green with star decal on it.  Loud and proud!