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GoatGun Reviews 

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 
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GoatGun Reviews

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 

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I am from England we don’t see many guns, but this is manufactured very well love my Goat gun🫡💨🔫

Great addition

It is a great addition to my small but growing collection of the product but I did find the foldable stock to me very lose even I tightly turn the screw to tighten it other then it is a good model of a favorite of mine in life

Black Sling
Jovan Quijada

Black Sling

16X Scope (AR/.50)
Jaiden Stuart

16X Scope (AR/.50)

1911 Model - USA
Elias Guedea
Great Buy

Best ‘Merica GoatGun out there. It have very good detail.

Bullpup Model - Black
Terry Thompson
Am impressed with finished models

Have 9 so far and have MK22 and FN Scar ordered. Sometimes a particular part can be a challenge to install but that's part of the fun of assembly

RPK Model - Black
William Cole
Really Pretty Kalashnikov (RPK get it?)

Another awesome gun to add to my collection of Goat Guns!

Mini Ranger Grip
Huy Anh Nguyen
Come for the models, stay for the support

I was kinda stupid and broke the buffer tube. Emailed them, and they sent me a whole receiver!

Although it's not a kid's toy, but I couldn't resist and put in it my baby's hands for some photos. Perfect size for him XD

Very happy with the product

It was satisfying details and weights

M16A1 Model
Chris Stokes

Excellent in every way

M1 Garand Model
Monte Hufferd
Simple assembly?

I really like them but I had to super glue The optic and the upper hand guard onto the AR15

MK22 Model - Tan
Cooper Simms
Quality model, quality fidget toy

The model is great, looks good on my nightstand when I can keep it out of my hands. The closest thing I can get to an actual firearm

1911 Model - Black
Delaney Schafer

The guns are awesome. Amazing build quality and attention to detail. I'll definitely be buying more!! Keep up the good work.

Limited SIG MCX® Model
Last Gen

Limited SIG MCX® Model

Fantastic model. Feels more solid than the older AK-47 model . Had an issue with the original, and with a couple simple emails with support it was all resolved very quickly. I came for the guns but stuck around for the customer service!

AK47 Model - Black
Christine Kirby

My son loved his gun! Thanks so much you made me the coolest mom

SVD Model
Charlie Barnes
Great quality but parts bevame loose over time

The quality of these are absolutely amazing but over time things like my ak hand guard, svd scope and svd dust cover slowly started to fall off more. Like if I pull and release the svd charging handle the dust cover just comes off and I can just hold the ak and the dust cover comes off there is also a problem where most of my threads became almost nothing and I cant screw anything on on them like the svd scope. But if you don’t disassemble the guns after you make them you should be fine

AR15 Model - Black
Kathy Prailey
AR15 model with 2 extra add on items

This was a 65th birthday gift for my husband, the man who has everything. He opened his gift and absolutely loved it! The product was very well made and looked the same as the pictures on the website. I am very happy with my experience and will be ordering more in the future.

.50cal Model - Black
James Krillenberger
excellent detail but scale varies

very happy with the detail of the models, however, I wish they were all made to the same scale so a display could be made showing the relative sizes of the models.

Mini Wood Rack
Pam Wagner

My husband loved the gift! He put them together as soon as he got them! I'll be ordering more!

solid addition to my purchase

the six rolls offer a good variety of tactical colors to a kit, especially around magazines and scopes, but I do wish they were a little bit more adhesive. the ends tend to peel off, but overall it stays on quite well

Mini Short Barrel

best goat gun ever

it beets my expectation

1911 Model - USA

1911 Model - USA

M16A1 Model
James Krillenberger

Very happy with the detail, however, I wish your models were made to the same scale to show the relative size when displayed together.
Requesting a P08 luger model to the same scale as your 1911.

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