Sarge April Fools – Goat Guns

APRIL FOOLS! You Got Played, Troops!


Well, well, well, you fell for it, didn’t ya? Ha!

You really thought I would hand over the keys to Corporal Donkey? In your dreams, maggots!

April Fools' Day got the best of you!

Joke's Over, Fall In Line! Sarge is still running this show, and I'm not handing over my post to any jackass.

Retirement? The only thing I'm retiring is your gullibility!

Now, quit slacking and get back to what we do best – amassing the baddest collection of miniature gun models around. DISMISSED!


P.S. In case you missed it, we just dropped the AR Bipod, click here and go check it out!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, Sarge Day 2024 (our biggest one-day sale of the year) is happening on April 4th. Get 20% OFF and we’ll throw in a FREE Limited Edition Patch with every order. Click here and mark your calendar.

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