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The Sarge has some fierce competition...

Sarge has some competition from all species of animals. This is only fair seeing as a GoatGun in any paw instantly bad@ssify's the animal. 

Over 235,000 people follow @Tactipet on Instagram which is where you can see these cute but not innocent pets with GoatGuns. You can also go and vote for your favorite Tactipet on our blog. 

What's better than a treat for your pet? Some recognition. Post your picture and use #goatguns #tactipet or DM us to be featured. At last, the ongoing debate of Cat VS Dog may finally come to an end but they need your help!

Huh, what, where?  I don't see it!

Proud Overwatch.
Photo Credit to @therealkingfrances

Bugs Bunny Bad@ssified.
Photo cred Brandon Cornwall
If the fur matches..
Photo cred Greg Pipilo
Mans best friends...
Photo cred @boomer_boomerang
Bringing in the mail today
All coiled up..
Image cred @d.foster.91
On guard duty
Pew down sights
Photo cred: Ronald Martin
Locked n loaded
Cred @mimo.k9
Hangin' around
Cred @blunt.ly
Would you hold this? 
Cred Dylan 
Can you spot it? 
Cred Ronny Lueford
Caught red handed..
Cred @_private.ty_
Stands ready to defend
Cred @tactical.taz
Sarge is scared
Cred @mimo.k9
Level three ghillie suit
Cred @mimo.k9
Naps when and where it wants
Photo Credit todjandflow
pug dog with miniature gun model
Pug pleading innocent!
Holding onto whats perrrrecious
Photo Credit @heat.380acp
The real paw patrol
Photo Cred @tactical.taz
Dog with goggles and FDE mini AR15 on ground
Matching Goggles on point
Photo Credit @budgetbugout
owl with miniature ak47 model
Woot gone n done it?
Photo Cred @jacki_0
Bunny by pink ar15 miniature
Sniffles quinceanera night
Photo Credit @rachelbee333
Iguana with miniature ar15 black model
Look at that trigger control!
Photo Cred Richard Hamburg
SNAP this
Photo Credit Robert Smith
Sniffing out Sarge... 
Photo Credit to yayarestless
Cuddled up with Goldilocked
Photo Credit to 801russ_1_grand
Cat looking out window with mini .50 cal by it
On the Lookout for Dogs
Photo Cred Unknown
The Small, the Pew, The Proud
Photo Credit Michael Cruey
Dog with miniature toy gun around collar

Sweet but packing heat
Photo Cred @Alex Zedras 'Cookie'

Lickin' chomps about to stomp..
Photo Credit @K9fritter

Sweet Dreamin'
Photo Cred Tactical Taz

Too many Choices..
Photo cred Ava #gunfunny

Black dog with camo mini ar15 around collar

Yes Sir Sarge!

Bugs Gunny gone AWOL
Photo Credit Rachelbee333

Lizzard with model sniper rifle

Lookout down range!

cat laying with goatgun

Heros sleep tight

Huh? What? I don't see it

Permission to let loose Sarge!

cat pawing between two small gun models

Pawfect choice...

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