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Build It: Mini Wall

by Sgt Gunner on

How to Build the Miniature Rack Wall

After our friend Ava from Elite Firearms and Training made a mini wall it is has been one of our most viewed images on social media.  We made a few ourselves and put together this article so you can build our your own wall. 

1 - Decide your color


Pegboard comes in a variety of colors and materials. Choose which one you want your miniature replicas hanging from.  We have done white and sheet metal.

Here is the white one we built on for $29.95 >

Here is the metal one we built for $17.39 > 

2 - Choose your Hooks

Color - Just like the pegboard, you can get an array of pegboard hooks and material. Silver or black are most common, search for 'L-Hooks' when buying.

Size:  For best looking results, get hooks that are 1" in length (how far it protrude from the pegboard).  When testing, we got some metal ones that are 2" but the 1" shorter ones rest the mini's much better. 

Get Black Ones we used for $7 >

3 - Build it


Shown on White pegboard with silver hooks

Metallic pegboard with black hooks - need wider pegboard to avoid hangover

Put the hooks in and BOOM! you've got a mini gun wall!  As you can see the difference between the white and silver, we angled the Goatguns on silver so they displayed at an angle.  It turned out good and gave more room to work with on the pegboard.  It took several adjustments but the outcome was good.

Have fun building your mini gun walls and tag us to be featured on our Instagram.

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