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GoatGuns is 1

by Sgt Gunner on

It's official. GoatGuns and 'Sgt. Gunner' is now officially 1 year old (although we have been working at it much longer than that). 

Outfits Sgt. Gunner has been seen in over the first year

Here is a quick history and what's to come... 

1 - Soft Launch, 2017 Summer

We did a soft launch last year selling only 1 model; the AWM (who remembers?).  It came with no packaging, with a taped on instruction guide. We were getting a feel for the market testing the product and make sure it was the quality our customers expected.

2 - Base models and Packaging


Evolution of GoatGuns Packaging

We opened the shop for the first 6 models end of Sept 2017. These came in our first run packaging and we have since changed the packaging 4 times in just 1 year!

3 - Custom Models

First batch of Custom GoatGuns


In late October we introduced a few custom models, the USA flag AR15, Fatstacks, Bitchin' Betty, Torn Apart and Goldilocks.  In Feb of 2018 we added 'RedTeam' and 'Fugazi' the M16 with an ACOG and handgrip.

Since then we have been most impressed by customers who customize their own mini's.  We get a ton of satisfaction seeing users have fun with them.  Read more here about customizing them. We recently added attachments to our store so you can keep on changing things up! 


With dozens of tiny parts making each model, keeping models quality is hard to do and one of our biggest tasks.  We have a had a few hiccups along the way (who remembers upside down emblem on the M4A1?) but all in all we are blown away by how happy users are with the quality of the minis.  

Here is a list of what's improved from your feedback over the year:

  • Felt on all inner packaging (first batches were all plastic)
  • Bigger, stronger spring added for AK47
  • Instruction guides made and printed with models
  • Rod shortened by 1/8" on AK47
  • Tape replaced by stapling plastic overlay on product
  • Better filing on all small parts, especially AR15 stock piece
  • Making AK47 barrel slide into receiver easier

Moving Forward

We are excited to keep the ball rolling and grow the Goatgun collection and fan base. With quality at our core; we are working hard on other models but fans need to be patient as it takes several mold creations and testing to produce a scalable model. 

With that noted, here is a basic road map for the next year.

  • Release another model (sorry no hints yet!)
  • Bring out mini grenades
  • Branding changes and working hard to get into retail / gun dealerships with ATI Outdoors.
  • Custom packages
  • Gunners team
  • Better rewards & more ways to earn 
  • Online custom gun creator (more to follow early 2019)

Stay active and keep us posted on what you would like to see from us.  You guys are the ones keeping this alive, keep building custom builds and collecting your Goatguns. We have been 'WOW'ed over by Alex Zedra, Alex Mendal, Sophie Swanie, the Alpha Gun Chic and dozens of other big names.  Best of all are the emails and responses we get from our core customers about how they love their minis.  


 ** To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, you can use the code 'GUNONE' for $15 OFF any purchase of $50 or more **

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