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Shipping Protection
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USA: Orders ship via USPS & UPS.  Tracking will be received within 1 business day of order. Expect 2-5 business days for order to arrive.

International:  We ship to CA, and majority of Europe.  Customer is responsible for taxes & duties fees are 

Returns: Sarge only wants his products in worthy hands.  If you don't LOVE your GoatGun, we will buy it back up to 100 days. 

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Based on 274 reviews
Andrew Gallo

Lovely and well made! I just wished the specs were more detailed like a rotating bolt that could lock in place and the rounds were able to be chambered, but still very beautiful to have on your desk or something.

I live in a state where even owning an airsoft gun is illegal, and as an American, i feel the M1 Garand is an unofficial symbol of the US, a symbol of the ultimate sacrifice in the name of liberating others, and it’s been a lifelong dream to even just touch a real one. Mine is sitting next to my tiny lady Liberty on my desk! :)

Page Proctor
M1 Garand

Absolutely beautiful piece! Originally got my fiancee the 1911 for his birthday and with the amazing details on that piece I just had to get the Garand. Jim Absolutely loves these! Recently ordered the AR 15 and Pup, can't wait to see his face!!

Sexy 17

The S in S17 stands for “Sexy” great gun Sarge.

James Baker
M16A1 'S-17'

As you can see in the first picture, overall the weapon looks magnificent. The second picture shows a hole peeking around the grenade launcher forward mount. I'm not sure why, but the alignment is just a little off. I blame it on the Chinese 😸

Perfect Desk Topper

For the size, the action is fairly smooth. As for accuracy, look up the real thing and compare it, very close. It also makes a perfect gift! If you can give it away instead of keeping it...

john lemke

Very accurate in detail and functional. Good fun even for us old kids

Phil Anderson
M1 Sr. & M1 Jr.

This is a neat little gun, I had to take a picture with my M1. Couldn't be happier.


Love it! Got the MRAD have held the real thing couldn't afford that so got the mini haha! This is a great replica fun and easy assemble too. I will definitely be getting more in the future.