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GoatGun Reviews 

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 
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GoatGun Reviews

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 

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FN SCAR® Model
Glen Thompson
The best

Hands down the best Goat Gun made. The extreme detail makes it look like I should be able to take it off the display and send rounds down range. Waiting for the SCAR 20S now. Waiting….

Halloween BullPup Model
Joseph Jablanski
Freaking awesome

It was a little tough to put together at first but once I got the direction straight it was fine. Love my GOATs

FN SCAR® Model
Parker Gallups
This Thing Rules

I pre-ordered like a pro and I’m glad I did. This gun has the same awesome quality that we all have come to expect from The Sarge.

FN SCAR® Model
Randy Farrell
I will definitely be back for more!

I put it together at work and even got a couple of the veterans at work interested!

Christmas Gifts

Although my son has not received his gifts yet, I am very excited to give him all of the recent releases that I purchased. I am always 100% satisfied with his GG's, and so is he!

Fun little rifles

Fun to put together, very detailed and possibly addicting. I can see myself adding enough to fill a whole rack.

Very cool looking

I got this for my grandson and he loves it. It is very well made and has some weight to it. The stand that comes with it allows it to be displayed when not in use.

Absolutely Great!!

I love this damn thing. Very accurate and very fun to use. Only two issues I have is that the rail doesn’t seem to lock in and they move around a lot. The mag also if you shove it in there too far, doesn’t rack the bolt until you pull it down. Other than that I love this thing and I can’t wait for attachments and a new gun.

Scale Suppressor

This suppressor is so detailed and the craftsman ship is on point.

Awesome addition to my hobbies !

I’m a builder of life size toys as well and to have the mini me’s and I’ve also got my brother and son in law going on them as well !

Mini Ammo Can
Corey McCord
Ammo can

Got the ammo can to display with my M 16 .

Very pleased

This is my 1nd purchase. These things are badass. I will be buying many more.


Great insurance never had to use it

LRG Float

Took my AR to a different level

Med float

Great accessory

Small float

Makes AR look compact but Nice

MRAD Model - Black
Manuel Perez

Great Goat Gun

AR15 Model - Black
Manuel Perez

I have multiple Ar's great to add accessories

Mini AR Drum Mag
Manuel Perez

Bad ass accessory

Mini Tac Light
Manuel Perez
Mini tach light

Great accessory for my goat guns

16X Scope (AR/.50)
Manuel Perez

Great accessorie

1911 Model - Black
Kevin Romberg

These are great! Perfect little models. I bought this one so I could give my other one to my nephew. But it works out perfect cause the gold grips looked like crap on the silver one, but they look perfect on black, especially with the compensator.

A nice custom piece

So, this is the longest of the handguards, and adds a great look to the rifle, BUT… there’s only picatinny rails on the very front of the sides, and underneath… where most accessories are attached. There is a full length rail on top. I would like to add more accessories but am not without some type of mod. So, I added a handle and a tac-light on the front. (See? I feel they should be mounted back further, the handle at least but it’s the only spot that has the mounting spot. I’ll include a pic of my (so far) completed mod.

Overall, this is a good accessory. Just lacks a few details that would make it 10/10. And anyone reading this, it comes with the correct length barrel that replaces whatever barrel is on your current setup. So don’t worry.

Nice special edition piece

This was a fun Halloween edition of the bullpup and since I love Halloween I am glad I got it. I wish it were metal and not plastic, but then the price would be higher

AR15 Model - USA
Charles Laird

Changed it into an SBR with the small free floating hand guard.

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