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GoatGun Reviews 

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 
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GoatGun Reviews

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 

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Bullpup Model - Black
Clint Flaherty
Very Good Model

Second product from Goatguns, strongly recommend.

AK47 Model - Black
Justinle noe

Got the ak47 for myself . Ive always wanted to have one ,with the fun switch aswell. Just need to get a sling now wish they made a baionett for it . Like the goat guns very very cool .

M16A1 Model
Justinle noe

Got the m16a1 for my dad. He went to veitnam so i weatherized the miniture to have worn spots . And gave it to him already built . Along with the mini ammo can . He liked it .. ☆☆☆☆☆

1911 Model - Coyote
Cid Stiefel
First of Many

We bought this gun to see if we would really like it. Now it is an addiction. LOVE IT!

1911 Dummy Rounds
Cid Stiefel
Big Girl Toys

I am spending way too much time with these tiny bullets. SO MUCH FUN!

1911 Mag
Cid Stiefel
Load and Unload

My husband and I are now playing with this miniature and starting to fight over it. I'll have to order another one.

Sticker Pack (10)
Cid Stiefel
Good Advertisement

LOVE these stickers. I am giving them away to friends who I know will start ordering.

Perfect Addition

I cannot get over how addicted I am to these guns. and accessories.

Desde España

Las tasas son caras. Pero el artículo está muy bien hecho y calidad. He quedado satisfecho con la compra. Gracias!

FN SCAR® Model
Jim Browning
FN Scar

What an incredible model. Impressed by the engineering that went into this mini SCAR.
Looks awesome on my desk.

AR15 Model - Coyote
Jim Browning
coyote AR-15

This is a bad ass model. One of the best! Love it.

AK47 Model - Black
Elaine Phillips
Love it

Gave it to my son-in-law for his birthday and he loved it. Great gift for those retired service men and woman and for those who like guns.


Love the M-4 model. My only complaint is that these products are made in China. I would be more likely to buy additional models if they were made in the USA or other countries.


These mini replicas are too cool! The details are amazing.

Ivory 1911 Grip
Red Knight
Ivory 1911 Grip

Gives my 1911 the "High Ranking Officers" look.
Another reason Goatguns are the "GOAT"!!!!

Great but doesn't fit old items

The grip, barrel and suppressor are awesome, buy they have an issue. I have one of the old camo m4s that is discontinued and this item does not fit on it. Have the Vietnam Era m16 that it works fine on.

Pretty darn close!

This, with all the accessories, turned out to be a pretty darn close replica of my real one. I'm extremely happy with how it turned out. Not my first Goat Gun and probably won't be my last either.

Great craftsmanship

Very well made. Heavy weight, feels like it is completely functional. Makes a great desk piece.

the sign of true customer service

Well..... where to start, let me first say that HUMANS work at GOAT Guns, that being said, HUMANS make mistakes from time to time. Thats a given..... BUT what seperates the kids from the adults is how those mistakes are handled. So i got my last order, only it wasnt mine. After looking closer, i figured out that the box and address were right,but not the packing list or order inside. I sent an email right away, both so I can get what I wanted, but to also make sure that the guy whose stuff was shipped to me, would get his order too. Thats called KARMA folks. not only did i get the correct order a few days later, I sent an email to goat guns telling them this, and NOT TO send the replacement order now. All was right in my world. Until a week or so later when the replacement order still showed up. FUCK back to Karma.... Thats why I'm taking the time to tell everyone out there that this company will error to the side of 110% customer first and foremost. they went totally above and beyond for me. But even better than that, my two grandsons were checking out my collection and were blown away. Hey, anytime grandpa looks cool in the grandsons eyes is totally PRICELESS. that is why I ordered them a few of their own to build over here. In my opinion, much better way of spending time than playing a game on a phone. They had suck a blast building their own, I now have a failsafe gift idea for two impossible young men to shop for. Thanks guys and gals, you have made my day, but more than that, you are helping me make GREAT MEMORIES with my grandsons. it just does not get any better than that. Soooo..... all those dads and grandfathers out there who dont know what to give that special kid.... You simply cant and wont go wrong with GOAT GUNS.

Black rack

Much better than the wood rack. The guns all fit perfectly.


AK12 Model - FDE
Joseph Dell'Anno

Purchased a couple models for my college age sons as they are big COD gamers. The Barrett 50 cal sniper rifle, 2 and an AR15 were their favorite gifts. Purchased the AK12 FDE as a birthday gift last month he loved this one even more, gonna keep collecting. Excellent quality, well worth the price! Great gifts for all ages...

cooper burnham
Spare Part

it was a very high quality part and I was very satisfied. I asked for a spare when my stock was just sliding without it being able to lock, so I emailed the team and they sent it to me free of charge. I was already very happy with my purchase and this just made me even happier.

Great model

Purchased this as a gift for my husband he loved it and had fun building it

Barrels up

Great space saver.

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