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  • American Gun Chic Custom Build

    American Gun Chic Custom Build
    American Gun Chic Had some Fun with Goatguns Watch til the end where she hand paints it and turns it into a Lady Zombie Killer.  Have you tried customizing a Goatgun?  Now with our attachments for mini gun replicas you can get real creative!  Tag us in your picture or video for a feature    
  • GoatGuns is 1

    GoatGuns is 1
    It's official. GoatGuns and 'Sgt. Gunner' is now officially 1 year old (although we have been working at it much longer than that).  Outfits Sgt. Gunner has been seen in over the first year Here is a quick history and what's to come...  1 - Soft Launch, 2017 Summer We did a soft launch last year selling only 1 model; the AWM (who...
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